People Law | Galician Rescue Helicopter Medevacs Guest from P&O Ventura
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Galician Rescue Helicopter Medevacs Guest from P&O Ventura

Galician Rescue Helicopter Medevacs Guest from P&O Ventura

Last night, a Galician search and rescue business, Helimer 401, medecaved an ill traveler from the P&O Ventura cruise liner, after flying from its base in La Coruña, in North West Spain. Galicia is a self-governing neighborhood in Spain’s northwest, on the Atlantic shoreline.

In the late night of March 10, 2018, in the middle of a storm, the P&O Ventura asked for the medical evacuation of an ill traveler. At the time, the cruise liner was more than 500 kilometers from the Spanish search and rescue (SAR) zone. The ship was apparently asked for to divert to a conference point at the SAR limitation. The Helimer 401 helicopter team flew roughly 100 miles, with winds of more than 100 km, in the evening in the storm, to the rendezous point and raised the client. The rescue helicopter then flew to the A Coruña airport in Galicia, where an ambulance took the traveler him to the healthcare facility.

10.03.2018 Helimer 401 Evacuación médica buque Ventura from Salvamento Marítimo on Vimeo.

Video credit: Salvamento Marítimo (Vimeo)

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